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Our History as a Catholic Church

Christ the King Catholic Church in Scottsville began as a Glenmary Mission Parish in 1964 with eight families. Fr. Ray Berthiaume, a Glenmary priest, celebrated Mass in a trailer located across from White Plains School and religious education classes took place in Dr. John Hall’s home. The Glenmary priest would drive over from Franklin, KY on Sundays and holy days to serve Christ the King. The trailer location was changed to our present site on four acres northeast of Scottsville in January 1965. Our building was constructed in 1967 to serve as church, social hall and religious classrooms. In the 1980’s over 20 families from the Lafayette, TN area formed their own local parish and left Christ the King. This move decreased our Scottsville parish population to half - 22 families. 


St. Peter the Fisherman Chapel located near the Barren River Dam, was on property donated by Marcus and Frances Cook and became a popular Saturday night Mass location for vacationers, summer residents and parishioners alike. After a number of years, St. Peter the Fisherman was being utilized only on 3 holidays a year and finally closed in 1997 due to dwindling attendance. The Cook family agreed to sell the property with the proceeds to be donated to Christ the King's building fund - this was approved by the diocese.


When Fr. Jim Woods became pastor in 1988 he saw the need for a Catholic ministerial presence in Scottsville and hired Sr. Mary Lou Ruck, S.P. as Pastoral Associate for Christ the King. As the years passed, our parish has had several administrators. Sr. Lene Rubly, O.S.F. became Pastoral Coordinator for St. Mary’s in Franklin and Christ the King in Scottsville in 1993. Fr. Frank Ruff, a Glenmary priest became our Sacramental Minister. When Sr. Mary Lou moved on, Jody and Adam Rewa became our Pastoral Associates. In 1996 we saw the arrival of Sr. Davida Loosbrock to replace Jody & Adam.  December 1998 brought Fr. Dennis Holly as pastor to both St. Mary’s and Christ the King.


The year 2003 brought big changes. We were no longer to be administered together with St. Mary’s in Franklin, KY as Glenmary mission churches. St. Mary’s parish was turned over to the Owensboro Diocese, as it had become self- supporting. Fr. Dennis was then reassigned as pastor of Christ the King Parish in Scottsville and Holy Family Parish in Lafayette, TN. In July 2005, Sister Davida left for Greensboro, South Carolina and it was decided not to replace her at that time.


Our building, too, has seen changes over the years.  A ramp for handicapped access was installed in the early 1990’s and in 1995 volunteers installed a steeple.  Our seating capacity increased in 1997 due to the removal of a wall in the nave area, and in 1998 we bought a new external storage building.  New windows were installed in 1999.


In 2004 Christ the King had over fifty families and we had reached full capacity in our existing church facility. We decided to establish a building committee to look into the needs of the parish. The committee members were: Father Dennis Holly, Sr. Davida, Catherine Grapes, Ken Felix, Jack Beeckler, Loni Carli, Carol Wheat & Bob Blencoe. The committee met for the first time on August 15, 2004.


With the blessings and encouragement of our membership and the Diocese, we began working to fulfill the goal of replacing our old facility with a new combined chapel and fellowship hall. The plan was to build on our current four-acre property next to our existing church building. Christ the King then established a three-year plan: Two years to raise funds and one year for construction with completion targeted for the fall of 2008. Since 2004 over 2,000 hours were spent visiting other newly built churches and meeting with building contractors, interior designers, sound system engineers, architects, and numerous others.


Our prayer for our new church became part of the Prayer of the Faithful at each Mass and has now been replaced with our prayer of gratitude for our successful project. The hymn - "All Are Welcome" begins with: "Let Us Build a House". This became our theme song and gave us strength and hope each time it was sung during our three-year project.


We stepped up our fundraisers and added some more: spaghetti dinners, yard and bake sales, raffles, auctions, saving and recycling aluminum cans, barbecues, Mexican Fiestas and ice cream socials. Our women’s organization, "King's Angels", the children and our hardworking parishioners worked unceasingly to earn money for the new church. Our builder, Scott, Murphy & Daniel, generously donated two pickup trucks for which we sold raffle tickets. We sent letters to Christ the King Churches across the United States and to other parishes that our members had attended in the past appealing for donations. These generated substantial funds that proved to be critical to our efforts. We could not have been successful without the generous help and support we received.

As mentioned above, we selected Scott, Murphy & Daniel as our builder and began construction in early 2008 with a completion date scheduled for early November 2008. Scott, Murphy & Daniel completed their work in time for us to have the dedication of the new church on Christ the King Sunday, November 23, 2008.


Prior to the dedication, we spent months planning our dedication day. Our newly formed choir began practicing; we created the beautiful copper artwork that graces our narthex; we cleaned, repaired and moved donated pews from St. Mary’s in Franklin, KY, and Mt Union United Methodist Church; our old tabernacle was restored by Stan Chmiel; and Jack Beeckler built our new altar, and ambo.  Invitations were sent out, prayer cards were designed, and final cleaning was completed. 

On November 23, 2008 we held the dedication for the new church. Bishop John McRaith presided and was presented with the keys to the new church by Mike Murphy, representing our builder, Scott, Murphy & Daniel.  Bishop McRaith received the construction plans from Bob Blencoe, chairman of our building committee and Richard Douglas presented the Bishop with a pictorial record of the construction process. The dedication Mass then proceeded, and a joyous celebration was held afterwards.


Our old worship area was subsequently renovated into 5 classrooms for our religious education program. The Knights of Columbus, Council 1513 Bowling Green, and the Disciples Response Fund both donated the money for this to be accomplished.


On November 20, 2009 we added a new steeple for our new church that was donated by Mike Murphy of Scott, Murphy & Daniel, landscaping was done in the spring and the crown & cross artwork behind the altar was completed. These things were ready for our first anniversary of the new church's dedication. Mike Murphy also had the old steeple removed from the old church. Our main parking lot was paved the following week, thanks to the generous donation of time and materials by Dan Reynolds.


As we reflect on the 3 year building and fundraising process for the new church and the year following its completion, we are deeply aware of God's abundant blessings throughout the entire process. It is truly humbling to look back on all the donations of time, talent and treasure inspired by God's intervention, which made the completion of our new church such a great success. We still have things to be done. Our fellowship hall remains incomplete. We have an enclosed space but still use the limited kitchen facilities in our old building. 


In 2012 we said good-bye to Fr. Dennis Holly as he retired and hello to our new Pastor, Fr. Victor Subb and Associate Pastor Crispine Adongo along with Brother Larry Johnson.   With the leadership of Glenmary, matched only by the faith, hard work and commitment of its members, Christ the King grew and developed to the point where it could be transferred to Diocesan care. 


On August 31, 2014 the Glenmary community transitioned our church to a Diocesan Parish during a mass presided over by Bishop William Medley, Fr. Dennis Holly, Fr. Victor Subb, Fr. Crispine Adongo, Brother Larry Johnson and our new Diocesan Pastor Fr. Daniel Dillard. 


Through the use of symbols, we celebrated the fulfillment of Glenmary’s mission and stewardship of Christ the King, and the faith of its people. 


KEY TO THE CHURCH-- a symbol of how Christ the King has become rooted and recognized as a Catholic presence in this community and county.

PARISH HISTORY AND DIRECTORY -- a symbol of the bonds we share in our common faith and identity as members of the Catholic community.

SHEAF OF WHEAT -- a symbol of our gratitude to God for all the blessings and graces we have received as a community of faith

SEEDS -- a symbol of a future full of hope that awaits those who put their faith and trust in God's promise to be with us as we embrace all that lies ahead for us.

If you are interested making a donation to our building fund we would be very grateful. Please contact us: Christ the King Church, P. O. Box 463, 298 Bluegrass Drive, Scottsville, KY 42164, by telephone at 270-237-4404, or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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